[Natural Awakenings News Brief in April 2013 issue]

Joy Quinn Blum - MHS'60

Joy Quinn Blum

They have both been playing solo and with others in the past few years, but now Joy Quinn Blum of Gongs of Joy and A. Michelle of Drumsong have decided to become partners and join together in creating healing vibrations.  Blum has offered gong bath meditations for groups at yoga centers, holistic health expos and other kinds of healing centers for the past 9 years. During a gong bath, she creates harmonic resonance by playing the gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, rattles, drums and other vibrational healing instruments to help bring people to a state of relaxation, harmony and peace.

Gifted with a rich voice and a multi-octave range, A.Michelle channels sacred sound in harmony with a variety of indigenous instruments including Native American flutes, rattles and drums.  She facilitates therapeutic sound sessions, guided meditations and space clearings.


A. Michelle

The women believe that by combining the sounds of the gongs and singing bowls with those of the indigenous drums, rattles, flutes and chanting, they create a blissful harmonic attunement for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. These vibrational overtones offer emotional stress release, chakra alignment, clearing of energy blocks and spontaneous healing.

Blum and A.Michelle will be offering a gong bath to attendees at the RI Yoga Festival on April 6th, and they will be playing together at the Discover You Wellness Expo April 20-21 at the Twin River Event Center in Lincoln.  They will also be offering regular sound baths together at venues in the RI and nearby MA and CT areas.